Fun and Just Because

Goats, not just for the farm anymore!

Years ago, you wouldn’t have seen a goat outside a farm, local petting zoo or state fair. Today, goats are gaining popularity outside of the farming sector and making their way into suburban neighborhoods as pets. Yes, you read correctly. Pets!

Goats don’t require a lot of area and they also are browsers and not grazers like horses. This means that contrary to what we’ve all been told, goats only trim the tops off of grass where a horse will pull grass down to the roots. People looking for healthier lifestyle’s are also turning to raising their own goats for goat milk which is giving people with normal milk allergies a new lease on life. The other areas people are using goats is for goat soap and other beauty products, goat yoga, therapy goats for those suffering with depressions, PTSD and other mood disorders.

Recently, my family and I purchased goats to welcome into our lives. While we are not raising our goats for milk, cheese, beauty products, or a petting zoo attraction, they are however giving love and comfort to my younger son who suffers from PTSD and other mood disorders as a result of a tragic life event. The effect has been amazing and all with the approval our local zoning officer.


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