Bible Study


Hi All!

Wow this Pollen is kicking my butt. I’ve been coughing and finally conceded to go to the doctors tomorrow. On a brighter note, it means it’s Spring and a time for new beginnings. April is an important month for Christians as it’s when Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Rebecca, another beautiful woman who Jesus descends teaches us again that you need to fully rely on God or you’ll get nowhere fast! Ephesians 6:10 tells us “Be strong in the Lord”. You can’t win battles on your own. Believe me when I tell you this.

Rebecca is my kind of girl. She was assertive in a time when women were submissive. I come from a long line of assertive women. Myself included. God chose this trait of mine in addition to not being comfortable to pray out loud to teach me patience. Psalms 22:2 always came to mind, “My God, I cry out by day, but you do not answer, by night, but I find no rest.” I’ll say again that Gods timing is not our timing. He IS listening! Trust me on this.

Abraham actually sent a servant to find a wife for Isaac because he didn’t want his son to marry a Pagan Canaanite girl. These women often worshiped idols and weren’t the type of wife he wanted for his son. The Bible tells us that the servant prayed that when he got to his homeland that a woman would not only offer him a drink, but also a drink for his 10 camels too. Rebecca came out and did just that. She also went back with the servant and agreed to be Isaacs wife.

Unfortunately Rebecca couldn’t get pregnant right away. Isaac prayed and she became pregnant with twins. God told Rebecca that the older Son will serve the youngest. The boys were born and they named the twins Esau and Jacob. It didn’t take long for Rebecca to realize that Jacob was her favorite. Jacob loved to learn and followed the Lord. Esau liked idolatry and was a wicked child. He was also extremely hairy. 😳 (guess they didn’t have men’s shave club then lol).

I mentioned before that it was custom that the first born to be the leader as part of their birthright. Isaac, as he got older became blind. Rebecca decided to deceive Isaac by making him think that Jacob was Esau.

Her plan was clever, as Isaac asked Esau to go hunting so he could have his favorite stew. Rebecca heard this and quickly killed a goat and put the fur on Jacobs arms so he’d feel hairy like Esau. She had Jacob serve the stew to Isaac knowing also that he would pass the birthright to the first born this day. Isaac didn’t initially fall for it because he recognized the voice as Jacob. He was eventually able to convince Isaac that he was Esau. Rebecca felt God needed her help I suppose. This put a split between the brothers. Scholars believe that the cities of Edom and Israel were enemies because this is where the two brothers went to raise their families and followers.

When Isaac and Rebecca died they were buried in the same cave as Abraham and Sarah.

We’re often impatient and don’t trust God. We try to do things on our own. When you learn to listen to God’s voice and hear what his plans are you’ll see he is always there trying to help. I was in this position where I cried and felt he didn’t hear me. It’s during these times many people start to hate God and ask why he would allow something like this to happen. God doesn’t cause these things to happen. However, it’s up to us to a degree how we react. It wasn’t until all control was taken from me and I had to make a very BIG decision that didn’t affect just me but my entire family. I needed to call my husband with my answer. He needed to know what he needed to do. It was then that I laid on my bed, crying to God. I said, God I’m not sure what to do. All I can do is fully rely on you. I said I know I’m in this situation, but show me Lord what I need to do. I remember reading my Bible and praying. I woke up and knew what I had to do. I needed to trust in God’s plan and I knew he was with me. The night I laid in my bed, I looked up and saw a cross above my head. Someone constructed a cross out of stickers. I immediately felt this overwhelming sigh of relief and raised my hand and outlined it with my finger. The only words I could find at that moment? “Thank you”.