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Naamah wife of King Solomon

Happy Easter! He is risen!!! I hope you had a wonderful day with your family and friends. I love being with my family.

I enjoyed reading and researching King Solomon and his wife. Well, actually I should say WIVES! According to research he had 700 wives and 300 concubines 😳 (he probably wished penicillin was invented back then too). Oh my…. 🤦🏻‍♀️

If you remember back to King David sometimes these marriages were more for a political move than anything. To strengthen relationships with other countries or gain control. I’m going to take the liberty of including details about the men in some of these stories. While it’s a study of women in the Bible whom Jesus descended, I think knowing the husband and wife in some cases can help understand what she went through or who she was. Solomon was the King of Judah after David died. Naamah was a Princess from Ammon. The Ammonites and Judah were enemies. God had warned Moses not to destroy the Ammonites because Naamah descended from them. This was according to his prophecy of The Messiah.

Naamah definitely would’ve stood out either in beauty, intelligence, personality or all the above. It is said that God was not happy with Solomon as he warned him to not intermarry with the other nations because they would turn him away from him. Solomons wives did worship other Gods like Baal and even Naamah still worshipped Gods from Ammon. King Solomon’s sins and turning away from God ended up dividing the kingdom in two during his sons reign. Solomon ultimately became known for his wealth, power, idolizing women, but also a magician, exorcist the later were in the non Biblical references. One of the more notable Bible stories showing Solomon’s wisdom was the two mothers claiming to be the mother of the same child. He told the mothers to cut the baby in half. This revealed the true mother as should gave up the child to spare them. King Solomon also met with the Queen of Sheba during a visit she made. I’ll do a study on her another time.

When Solomon died his son to Naamah became King. Rehoboam was the new King, making his mother Naamah his adviser and not his wife. Naamah would’ve been the most powerful woman at the time and even in charge of the Harem.

Unfortunately her influence was the downfall of Solomon’s greatness. See 1 Kings 1-13. God told Solomon how angry he was with him. God promised the kingdom would divide during his sons reign.

I always told my boys to consider who their friends were. It’s also like my oldest Son Stephen learned in football, that your actions directly affect those around you. You need to not only think about yourself, but consider how things you say and do may affect someone else or in Naamah and Solomon’s case an entire kingdom. Solomon allowed Naamah to stray him away from God and the promise that David asked of him on his deathbed. David wanted Solomon to learn from his mistakes. It’s sometimes easy to say that, “Oh they are a product of their upbringing”. However, when does that mindset stop? We all have the power to change our circumstances. Whether you made a mistake today, years ago or grew up in a tough situation, each day is a gift. A gift from God to start something new.

Spring always reminds us of new beginnings. New growth, fresh flowers, a change of weather. There are 524,160 minutes in a year. It’s a deposit into your “bank account of life”. How are you going to use those minutes to be better than before?

Father, thank you for all the people that have been reading my posts. I pray that today is the day they make a change for themselves. Whether a big or small change, I pray that it honors you. Amen.