Fun and Just Because

Will work for goats 🐐

If you’ve never owned or been around goats, I have to apologize at what you’re missing. These little creatures are like dogs with bundles of personality. You can’t spend time with them and have a bad mood.

When we decided to look into buying goats, it started with wanting 2. You have to have 2 because they are herd animals and they’ll be lonely. No a dog or other animal doesn’t exactly cut it. We decided on a Nigerian dwarf. Well then the boys got involved and we ended up with the Nigerian I wanted and 2 Boer goats. Dash, Buzz and Woody. Well poor Dash was odd man out because the Boers were brothers. So we did what any responsible, goat lover would do and called the breeder to get Dash’s brother Thumper. Shhh, we’re only supposed to have 2 goats. I said Heah, my goats have goats lol.

Unfortunately we lost Buzz. We aren’t sure what happened and neither was the vet. We did everything right. Sadly he passed away in my Son Sean’s arms on the way to the vet.

The 3 we have are happy and continues to bring us joy. What brings you joy?

Each day we should wake up with a thankful heart. Matthew 6:34 tells us, “don’t worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself”. Each day is a gift and we should appreciate the gift in the moment. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. I urge you to find 10 things each day you’re thankful for and see if you notice a difference in your attitude.

Give your cares to God. Let him hold you. There’s another song by Casting Crowns that has gotten me through a lot.

Please enjoy!

Father, thank you for today. Thank you for all that I have. The people who love me, people who support me, and those that don’t. I pray for kindness and forgiveness of those who speak unkind words and that they can find healing and joy. Thank you for loving me. Amen