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I decided to pick a woman of the Bible that I personally don’t recall learning a lot about. Elizabeth was the Mother of John the Baptist.

Incase you didn’t know, Elizabeth was the cousin of Mary the Mother of Jesus. You can find her story in Luke 1:5-80.

Elizabeth, like many women fought infertility which in those times was looked at as a disgrace. Elizabeth was very faithful to God. God doesn’t forget those who are faithful to him. Elizabeth was married to Zachariah, the angel Gabriel told him they would conceive a child. He didn’t believe so he became mute. It wasn’t until after Elizabeth had a boy and named him John as the Angel told Zachariah that his speech was restored.

It was like God chose Elizabeth and Zachariah, coming from the lineage of Aaron and Levi. Zachariah was a priest in the tabernacle. These were wonderful parents to teach a boy the scriptures who would support Jesus and prophesies would teach of the coming messiah.

Being patience isn’t always easy. I think especially in today’s world where everything seems to come as instant gratification. We rarely have to wait for much anymore. Everything is in God’s time. God will honor those who honor him.

All of us today who believe and endure faithfully will receive the end of our faith—the salvation of our souls (1 Peter 1:9).

Father, I pray for patience. I know that I can fully trust that by honoring you, you will always be with me. I pray for my continued patience and the lessons I learn. Amen


1 thought on “Elizabeth”

  1. You know, it’s funny, your opening line caught my eye – that you picked a woman you didn’t remember learning a lot about. My first thought was, “Oh I remember Elizabeth.” But you know what I remember her most from? Art history class and not Bible study! She’s depicted often in Medieval and Renaissance art with an infant John (alongside Mary and infant Jesus), but I was an Art History minor in college so I got to know her that way.


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