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Why did Jesus have to die for our sins?

Whether you’re a Christian or not, everyone seems to have heard the Bible verse John 3:16: FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON THAT WHOSOEVER SHALL BELIEVE IN HIM SHALL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE. Why? Why did any of this happen! Well, it goes back to the beginning. As “in the beginning”. In the book of Genesis,, it tells us that God’s intentions were for us to have a relationship with him. One where you see Adam and Eve being able to walk and talk directly with God. God’s only rule was to not eat from that darn tree. We can make a good assumption that whenever God booted Satan or Lucifer as he was known then out of heaven it had already taken place before Adam and Eve came along. Otherwise why would he be tempting Eve? So Satan tells Eve “you’re not going to die if you eat the fruit”. Well my friends this is where deceit and twisted words come in. No she didn’t didnt physically die, however spiritually she and now all of us were doomed. After God found out what happened he laid out what the consequences would now be. One being that we were now separated from God. A veil went up separating us from him. As time went on things continued to get worse. Cain and Abel, Sodom and Gomorrah. He finally had it and enlisted Noah to build the Ark. God thought, I’ll flood the Earth and start fresh. The idea seemed ok but even Noah and his family weren’t perfect. So if we skip ahead a little bit we come to Moses. Remember he was in charge of leading the enslaved Israelites out of Egypt. You can read up on this starting in Exodus through pretty much the rest of the Old Testament. God rescued them but all they did constantly was complain. Why this why that…we were better off in Egypt. God became angry,Moses was frustrated. He finally told God, look I didn’t give birth to these people. Why do they blame me and expect me to fix everything. Moses was the only person who could speak to God directly. So God told Moses assign 12 tribes each with a leader. Each tribe can take their problems to their leader. The leader then comes to you! They then established tabernacles with very explicit details. There was a room with a veil or curtain where only the priest could enter to the offerings on our behalf. Eventually the Ark of the Covenant was established and housed In this area. It was the Holy of Holies. After 40 years of God listening to people complain and giving them chances to make things right he got fed up. The idea was for the Israelites to return to the promised land Of Abraham but they couldn’t stop disobeying God. They weren’t obedient. Finally God extended his promises to the Gentiles. Non Jewish believers. He also knew there was only one way left to bring us back to him. You guessed it…Jesus Christ was born. The Bible says there’s only one way to the Father and that’s by accepting Jesus as your personal Savior. That’s it. All he’s ever wanted was to love us and have a relationship with us. He’s not going to beg, it’s all in our hands. Once you accept him then you have full authority to go to him and have a relationship with him. It’s that simple. Oh and as for the spiritual death, yeah that goes away too. (Refer again to John 3:16). know I didn’t dig into the deep details but I’m hoping I’ve at least given you the curiousity to read and study the Bible for yourself. If you’re not understanding what you’re reading GET A DIFFERENT VERSION. I also recommend a Bible that has a concordance and a section below each page explaining what you just read. If you’re really interested pick up a Bible dictionary like Vine’s. Get into a great church and attend Bible Studies. Study with other Christians and believer’s who can help you grow. Continue to follow me on here and share my page with others. Remember God love’s you and so do I! #jesus #jesus died on cross #salvation