Journey of Faith

The bus that hit me

I decided to answer a few possible questions some of you might have. What happened to my husband in all this mess? Well, he didn’t end up going to prison, I’ll start there. I’ll try in this post to explain some things but excuse me if I come across as vague. There’s an area here that I want to expand upon and I feel that I can’t without crossing that line. I messed up. I’m not going to get into things beyond this right now. I’m going to skip to how I ended up going to prison and my husband didn’t. We were both charged with the exact same charges. When our case was pushed from the preliminary hearing to court we had to them hire separate lawyers. A shock to us because we’d never been through this before. A lawyer can’t represent codependents in a case. It could cause a conflict of interest. I was given a choice to stay with the attorney we had or go for the new one. I chose to stay. My husband let the choice up to me. Right before the trial started a bunch of motions were filed. It’s part of the process. My husbands lawyer addressed the court regarding evidence they had for me va him. He was also going to testify on my behalf. Again that could’ve been a blow to the DAs case. So again anything that I could use or needed in my defense was blocked or shut down. An offer was made to him that the two major charges would be dropped, he would receive 3 years probation but couldn’t testify. The alternative was he refused and took the gamble. He would go on trial too and if found guilty serve a sentence in prison. Therefore what would also happen to our sons? At least with this deal for him, he could be there for them, keep our home and help me while I served my time. If he could’ve switched roles he would’ve but that’s wasn’t the choice we were given. I was never offered a deal. Unlike TV it’s not something that has to happen. Many have questioned why I went to prison and my husband didn’t. I wasn’t thrown under the bus by him. I was thrown under the bus and run over by the court system.