Journey of Faith

Are you afraid to die?

My instant answer when asked this question was, NO, before asking why. I said, “because I know I’m going to heaven.” My cellie at the time asked me this out of the blue. This was after a day of feeling sorry for myself and being depressed about a move I didn’t want to make. I lost site of the goal God put upon me. I asked her, “why, are you afraid ?” I said you told me you used to sing in the choir in Muncy. I asked if she was saved. She said she was, but felt she wants to be re-saved. I told her, you’re always God’s child once you’re saved . I told her she strayed like people often do. I said God’s calling you back to him. I told her she can rededicate her life to him and ask forgiveness. I offered to pray with her. I said or you can talk to him alone. He’s always listening.

Praise God for his amazing Grace and mercy. I was mad because I had to move but when God needs us, we need to go where he needs us.

If you don’t know the Lord as your personal Savior, please pray the prayer I’ve attached. Find a good Bible based church and surround yourself with Christian friends. Don’t be afraid to die not knowing what will happen to you.