Bible Study

Dear Heavenly Father

Have you ever sat down, started to pray and just couldn’t find the right words? You’re just so overwhelmed with emotion that you can’t even think what it is that you’re asking the Lord? Did you know that it’s ok? God still hears your prayer. You are probably thinking, huh?! Well, when we accept the Lord is our personal savior, we also receive the Holy Spirit. The Lord told his Disciples that even though he was leaving the father was sending us a helper. (John 16:7-8)

I think sometimes we forget that our God is 3 in 1. (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Each one is an intercessor on our behalf to the other. Romans 8:26-27 tell us: “LIKEWISE THE SPIRIT ALSO HELPS IN OUR WEAKNESSES. FOR WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE SHOULD PRAY FOR AS WE OUGHT, BUT THE SPIRIT HIMSELF MAKES INTERCESSION FOR US WITH GROANINGS, WHICH CANNOT BE UTTERED. NOW HE WHO SEARCHES THE HEARTS THAT THE MIND OF THE SPIRT IS BECAUSE HE MAKES INTERCESSION FOR THE SAME ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF GOD.” So, the next time you just can’t put your emotions into words, even that huge sigh or groan that you let out is a cry to the Lord. If all you can do is say to him, “Lord, I just need your help right now. You know my thoughts and I’m having a hard time right now”. He understands that. You don’t need to go to him with this long-rehearsed prayer. I hear people say all the time, “I don’t know how to pray”. God still hears you. He wants to hear from you. Ask him to help you improve your prayer life. I promise, it’ll be amazing!

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