Journey of Faith

Return to Go and don’t collect $200

We finished count and breakfast was delivered. Hard boiled eggs, bread, and something else. We barely had received our food when the shoe on the other foot dropped. It was December 22nd, and we were informed that, “one of the men’s pods in SCI Phoenix (down below us) caught fire and they needed our building to house the men”. So many questions came to mind because the housing unit was built for females, and now we were getting the boot. We didn’t understand why our building was their backup plan. We knew that we were to leave eventually, and this just was the icing on the cake. The thing that made it so bad was they were calling for a severe snowstorm to start any minute. They came in with tons of boxes and told us to pack up, we were leaving and going to Muncy. There was no Q&A. Just pack up and get it moving. I pretty much had my stuff packed because I wasn’t naive enough to believe that we were staying, and the other ladies were coming back. That wasn’t going to happen, at least any time soon. The male guards who wanted nothing to do with coming down while we were there, seemed to get their kicks out of now packing out stuff to move us out. Everything had to be inventoried like I explained before when you pack out to be transported. This time, however, they did it as quickly as possible. They wanted us GONE! By the time we were packed, changed in our transport outfits, including shackles again the snow started. We should NOT have been driving during this storm. I could only keep praying to the Lord that he would protect our van and guide us to Muncy safely. When they put us in the vans, they kept 5 of us that had covid in one van. The other girls that didn’t catch it went in a separate van. They wouldn’t so much as look or talk to us. We couldn’t figure out why because we did nothing wrong. We didn’t create covid, and we didn’t go out and bring it in either. After a grueling van ride back to Munch, we slide into home base. Literally. We sat outside the gate for the longest time, having to pee terribly. Here they never called to tell them we were coming. We just dropped in like they were a motel with a vacancy sign. They weren’t amused. I wasn’t amused either. I just returned to where I started almost exactly a year to the day I left!! I returned to GO, with nothing but a lot of grief. From the time that I was moved originally in the July mass move in 2020 (Cambridge), until my eventual back to return to Cambridge in February 2021, I moved over 14 times. That included the moves around in Phoenix, at Muncy and then back to Cambridge. I was so tired of moving my stuff! The guards and staff would get frustrated because they figured we didn’t have a lot so why was it a big deal. Unless you’re in that situation there’s a lot of emotion that goes into constantly moving and staring over. Regardless of the amount of crap you accumulated. When we finally were changed and escorted out of the admin building to our new housing unit at Muncy the snow was coming down harder and harder. We kept telling the staff that we had NO clothing. They couldn’t understand this because we should’ve had our “browns” that were issued to us. Well, when we went to Phoenix, we received purple uniforms and therefore we owned no more “browns”. There we were, walking around in the freezing snow, with ill fitting “blues” shirts and pants. The ones that you receive on day 1 when you first get to prison classification. They also offered us NO coats. We had nothing. It was freezing, and we were still getting over Covid. Finally, a Captain or Sargent came by and yelled at the staff to “get those ladies inside, it’s effing freezing out here”. A round of applause for someone with a heart and brain! The 5 of us that had Covid ended up getting the better end of the deal. They sent us to a housing unit where 4 of us were housed in the same room. We had our own bathroom/shower. It wasn’t bad. They only kicker was phone calls were at the will of the officers. This usually meant calls at 7 am. UGH! We were supposed to stay there for 14 days, then moved to regular housing. They ended up moving us sooner. I have to digress for a minute. I said they moved us on the 22nd. I actually believe it was a little sooner because I was moved to my new dorm before Christmas. We were told that we were going to eventually go back to Phoenix. Probably by the spring/summer of 2022. Covid was still rampant, and they made it clear they were NOT going to allow us to stay in Muncy. I had asked since it was closer to home than Cambridge. God has reasons for everything. We just need to hang tight and see what’s next.