Journey of Faith

So are the days of our lives

Again, like I mentioned before my life goes on outside now as I try to tell my story on the inside too. Recently, I had my 3rd retinal detachment in my right eye. Ten or so years ago, I was at work and saw flashes. I thought the fluorescent lights at our office was just playing tricks on my eyes. I like to watch medical shows and read a lot. I knew that seeing flashes could be bad, but I was concerned about a stroke or something else. I was shocked to learn that my vitreous was detaching and pulling the retina with it. A few years later it happened again in the left eye. Now, I was no sooner back from being paroled when it happened a 3rd time, 2nd time in my right eye. I can only see because I’ve made my backgrounds dark, and my font is huge. I’ll have my second surgery soon to complete the process of fixing it. This is all going on while we are trying to sell our home so that we can all be together again as a family (that story later). I hate moving! After also having to move so much while incarcerated, I really hate it. A lot of things have changed since I’ve been home. My one sister, her husband and my parents all moved out of state. I still have 2 sisters here, along with my chosen sister Lynn and my bff’s. This has made me decide that staying where I’m currently living is best choice. I essentially have returned to where my family actually is from. Well, my mom’s family. I was extremely lucky to know my maternal grandmother’s parents, and my maternal grandfather’s mother. There aren’t many people who can say they’ve met their Great Grandparents I don’t think. We have very deep roots in the area where I’m living now. My family settled here in the late 1600’s, and was given one of the first land deeds from William Penn. They were part of a group of settlers that he asked to come here to settle in Pennsylvania, in the Lancaster/York County areas. My family has fought in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as well as many wars since. So, when I couldn’t return to York County, I was deeply hurt. God opens doors, when one closes. Therefore, I’m feeling pulled to return to where my “family” is from. I mentioned before that having a great roommate is half the battle while in prison. Having a great parole officer on the outside is just as important., if not more so! I like my parole officer. We don’t talk much, unless I need him or he’s coming to check on me. I’m considered a low risk, low priority. he knows I don’t bother anyone. I have better things to do with my time. He’s also familiar with my case, which I feel helps when someone understands what happened from beginning to end. I’m not left explaining or feeling like I’m under a microscope. I have an opportunity to choose where we want to move to now, but again I feel I want to remain where I am. If I move, I’ll have to obtain a different officer. I don’t know that I want to do that. I pray every day that the Lord shows me where he wants me to be. He has watched over me and led me to where he needs me. I will continue to trust in him for my path going forward. Stay tuned!