Journey of Faith

The People you meet

I definitely met some interesting characters while incarcerated. Some famous for the wrong reasons obviously, and others well known because of who they are in there. When you’ve done some time in prison, eventually you’ll end up with a nickname. I’ve met Shug, Twisty, Snoop, Cookie, Snaps, and I eventually became Spicy Annie. Some people come to jail with nicknames because they don’t give out their “government” as they call it when they’re running the madness on the streets. Some have so many names, I’m surprised they remember their real one! If you are curious about some of the infamous ladies I met, here are links to some of their stores. (Miranda Barbour, “the craigslist killer”, (Angela Marinucci, “Greensburg Six”, (Melanie Ray, “Killer Couples” ( The reason, that I’m bringing this up is to not brag. This is NOT something to brag about in any sense of the word. What I want to tell you is that people can change in some cases, others maybe not so much. When I first came to SCI Muncy and we were walking around to gather our clothes, and getting checked in you could say, I heard this beautiful voice singing out the window. She must have known we were scared to death, having just arrived. She started singing, “keep smiling, keep shining”. When I was in county my friend Brandi told me her cousin was at Muncy for life. Her nickname was Shug. I asked what her real name was and was told that didn’t matter that she went by Shug and that’s what people call her. Well, it was Shug singing out the window! I eventually met Shug face to face when I made my complete circle back to Muncy from Phoenix. Once they moved us out of quarantine, I was moved to J Block. This normally was known as “The Jungle”, because it was where they kept troublemakers, people who couldn’t play nice with others, etc. I am none of these, but things weren’t being run the same either during covid. They needed to move folks around to accommodate them during covid. I had a cane and was bottom bunk restricted. Therefore, I had to go to J block. I knew the Lord had a plan, and I’d be ok. I just needed to ride it out to see what the plan was. They were actually moving some folks to one side of the block on B side, or other units. I was left on A side. They Lord always has a plan, and always locked out for me. When I was moved, I was sent to my cell and immediately hit it off with my new roommate. I later found out her dad was a preacher. After, getting settled in I was told that they accidentally placed me in the wrong cell and wanted me to move. My roommate called the Sargent over and explained that her and I really got along. Also, that I had just moved and was practically traumatized by what happened with the whole Phoenix thing. The best part was the lady who they wanted to switch me out with, was a lady who came with me from Phoenix. She had a colostomy bag due to being in a car accident prior to coming to jail. They roommate she got was familiar with this and wasn’t grossed out by it. (People can really harass you in jail over the smallest things believe me!). It was the perfect fit of roommates for both of us. I say they Lord put us where he wanted us, no irony about it. Sargent Scott said I could stay, and he’d let the Unit Manager know. (Sargent Scott disappeared shortly after this and I never saw him again. Later we heard he was arrested! No favors were exchanged in the case of me staying put, I can promise you that!! I was able to spend Christmas with my new roommate. We spent 99% of the time in lock down because of Covid. We got off one day and were able to walk to commissary. The next day we were back on because someone tested positive again. This went on like this the entire time I was at Muncy. We’d be on lockdown due to a positive case, then off a day or two, then back on. My roommate left to go home, and they told me I had to move to a different cell across from where I was. Ugh, here I go again-moving AGAIN!!!

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