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The writing on the wall

I grew up in a small town, in an older cape cod house. The house for the longest time only had 2 bedrooms upstairs. In the one bedroom there were crawl spaces that were behind doors that slid open to access the storage inside. It would seem natural to feel “creeped out”, especially as a kid. When I got a little older, my parents added onto the house to add 2 additional bedrooms and a bathroom at the back of the house. My parents and sisters moved to these rooms leaving me to the entire upstairs most of the time. Occasionally, our mom would decide to turn the one-bedroom downstairs into a den and move my sisters back upstairs. It was during this time that I started to notice things that I couldn’t explain to anyone else. I also wouldn’t tell anyone until recently. This is the 1st time that I am sharing these stories publicly. As far back as I can remember, I slept with my head under the covers. It scared my mom and anyone who babysat me. It was my shield from the things i felt and knew weren’t right. The first time that I actually saw anything wasn’t at our house at all. It actually occurred at my grandma’s house. My cousin and I were going up to the 3rd floor to get a game. I was about 7 at the time. We got to the landing of the 3rd floor and saw a shadow person. We both saw it and you never saw 2 little girls run so fast in all your life. Needless to say, we didn’t retrieve the game. The next occurrence happened on night at our house. I was sleeping (with the lights on and my head buried) and woke up in the middle of the night. I looked out of my door into the other room that was empty and led to the downstairs. I saw an older man, with brown polyester pants, a white button up shirt, short sleeves and a black pen protector in the left breast pocket. He had gray thinner hair and glasses. He just stood there. I was scared stiff and just burrowed down deeper into my covers. I knew it wasn’t an actual person. I don’t know how much time then went by, but there were times when my sisters were moved into the room next to mine. It was these times; I would try to convince them to come and sleep with me. (Safety in numbers I guess). I had a habit of rearranging my room, this time I had my bed in front of the window. My sisters again weren’t next door. Around this time, I was closer to my early teens. I woke up in the middle of the night to see a young boy in bib overalls (like Dennis the Menace) scurry out from under my bed. I sat straight up in the bed and started looking around to make sure it wasn’t one of my sisters messing around. No one was there. I also know they would have just crawled in the bed and went to sleep. I never once told my parents or sisters about these occurrences. I moved out when I was about 19 and bought a house of my own. It was an older home, but it was mine. After I get settled, the feelings started again. That uneasy feeling that someone was watching you. That someone was lurking around the next corner. I never physically saw anything at this home, but had many strange things happen. One night in particular, we had friends over to play board games. it was extremely hot out that day/night and the electric company decided to have rolling blackouts. We didn’t have a/c, so it was extremely hot inside and out. We had the kitchen door opened but not a stitch of air was blowing. It was hot! Someone suggested that we have a seance. I was young and stupid. We all sat around the table, with a candle in the middle, holding hands, and asking if anyone was there that wanted to speak to us. “Show us a sign”, like we witnessed people say on tv. This went on for quite a while, when the temperature in the room dropped too almost freezing. All of us were freezing, teeth chattering, and a wind was blowing in the house. Not outside but inside. I can’t explain what happened, but I can assure you that it did. I never tried this ever again, and I said I would never allow a Ouija board in my home. I moved out of that house and those feelings seemed to stop for a while. Once my husband and I got married we moved into our first townhouse in Maryland. I was lying in bed and started to have what seemed like a dream, but yet I felt like I was awake. I saw this lady with beautiful black hair walking towards me. I remember thinking I didn’t recognize her. It was then the scene shifted to my mom and my mom’s sister looking through old family photos. She must have realized that I didn’t recognize her still because she was young as she approached me. She then turned into my Great Grandmother. The lady, I knew and had spent time with as a child. She looked at me and said, “I am so proud of you. You have grown up to be a beautiful young woman.” She then disappeared. I called my mom the next day in disbelieve. I told her that I think my Great Grandma Sentz came to visit me the evening before. She was skeptical to say the least, I then asked her to not say anything else to me that I needed to tell her what she was wearing. I said that I believed it was the clothing she may have had on during the funeral. I described the outfit to my mom, and she said, you need to call your grandmother and tell her this. This would have been her mother. I was only 7 when my Great Grandmother passed away, but I loved every time I got to see her and my Great Grandfather. My mom didn’t take me to their funeral because she felt I was too young at the time to understand. I had no way of knowing what she had on, yet what I described to her, and my grandmother was 100% correct. I would not have another feeling or sighting for quite some time. The home we moved in to next we built brand new. Once we started to look into moving, the feelings came again. I tried to explain this to my husband, that when we would walk up to a house or into a home, I sometimes felt sick. As we walked around the house, I would feel dizzy or worse yet, I knew someone was again lurking around a corner waiting and watching. He would get so frustrated with me because I would tell him, we need to leave this is not the house. He would try to explain it away by saying I felt this way because a house was empty, or in one case had been torn up out of anger from the previous owners because they were foreclosed on. I told him no; it was something else. I never thought much of this anymore, to me it was just something that happened to me. After I was arrested and sent to jail, both during the 6 months I was there initially and then again when I was there to complete my sentence, I started having something new occur. I would physically wake up in at night and see what looked like graffiti or scribble on the ceiling and walls. I could never read what it said. I would blink and it would still be there. I ended up meeting a girl while I was in county jail who one day brought up in a conversation how she “felt” things. The one night I had this scribble show up. I woke up the next day and didn’t say a word to anyone about what I had seen. She walked up to me and said you seen it didn’t you? I said, “seen what?” She said, I can tell somethings bothering you and she said she woke up after seeing strange things the night before. She said that she saw something that appeared part human part beast scurry across the ceiling. Honestly, I thought she was nuts, but I thought I saw scribble so who was I to judge. Eventually, I went up state and had this same thing happen on several occasions. I knew that jails/prisons were filled with evil. Finally, the Lord introduced me to another Christian lady who had a lot more knowledge on things than I did. I felt led by the Holy Spirit one day to sit down and started talking to her about all this craziness. I told her, I’ve never told anyone this because I’m afraid people will think I’ve lost my mind! She asked me if I ever asked the Lord what the writing on the walls meant? I said no, I never thought to do that. She started showing me verses in the Bible and also suggested other things to read by well-known Christian authors about people who are “Seers”. This was not an area I was familiar with at all, and I also didn’t want to get involved in something that wasn’t scripture based. What I instead started to learn was that there is a lot in the Bible that isn’t taught in church. I don’t know if, things like this is too hard to explain to people. I would not believe it if it didn’t happen to me. After several days/nights of asking the Lord to reveal to me what this scribble on the walls was, my answer came. I had a dream this one night where I was looking at a towel that this Chistian lady I mentioned before had hanging from her bed. On the towel it said “Legion”. If you aren’t familiar with who Legion is, in Mark 5:1-20 Jesus encounters a possessed man. He asked him “what is your name?” and the demon responds, “Legion”. A legion is many, not just one or two but thousands. I woke up that next day and didn’t think much about this dream. This lady got up and I saw her looking at the towel she kept hanging on by her bed. She looks at me and says, “does this look dirty to you?”. She points to the exact spot that i saw Legion written in my dream. I said to her, you need to sit down, I need to tell you something. We both knew then and there that was confirmation from the Lord on what this scribble I had been seeing. I need to know if any of you have ever had this happen or have had these experiences? Please comment.

photo from by “cottonbro”.

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  1. Yes, I have had similar experiences. My husband and I moved 5 times within a 9 year period and it seemed that every time we moved, I would encounter a new set of territorial or familiar spirits (which often impersonate dead people). The Lord taught me through dreams, the scriptures, etc. how to do spiritual warfare and how to get rid of the enemy. I talk about these experiences in a book I wrote called “Essential Keys to Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance.” It’s available on Amazon, if you’re interested.

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