Journey of Faith

What road do you choose?

This was originally written in my journal on 8/8/2020.

There’s been a big move as everyone is calling it. Over 200 of us were relocated to new units to adjust to the new cohort situations. This was because 1. The current pandemic of Covid-19 and 2. In case some other pandemic or breakout occurred. That way the prison can run as smooth as possible if it does. Every one of us is here because of a choice we made. Your choice will lead you down 1 of 2 roads. 1. leading a peaceful God filled life or 2. One of regret, despair and leads you here. I know I should’ve stayed in my faithful walk with Christ. I know what I did was wrong, but I let the devil lead me instead of the heart I gave to God. The devil is a liar! I only have myself to blame for allowing him to deceive me. I know now, I need to remain in God’s word every day. I know he’s working on plans to bring me home. The move I made, never really should’ve happened, but I’m glad that it did. I’m now in an even smaller unit, in a corner room & currently alone. Time, that I’m enjoying recharging my batteries. Perhaps, the work I needed to do was done. I got my Bunkie Kim to start talking about God again and pick up a Bible for the first time in years. Praise God!

If you go about doing good, speaking love & truth, radiant with His spirit, they will be reading in you the gospel after all.” Vance Havner – Turning Point 2/2020.


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