Journey of Faith

Where am I going to live?

I had a dream while I was in jail. My husband and I were driving down this twisting and windy road. We ended up going off the main road and drove into this construction site. We were driving over rocks and debris. It was definately not a place you should be driving. I kept telling him that this wasn’t the right way. We had no choice but to press on and “proceed to the route” as the gps would say. We, ended up back on a regular paved road. The car and us sustained no damage. I had no idea at the time what this all meant. I believe now that it was the Lord telling me, “The road is going to rough and bumpy for a while, but you will be ok and come out on the other side.” After receiving the upsetting news that I wasn’t allowed to return to my home county, everything had to shift to a different focus. We owned a home there, my youngest son still attended school there, but most of all we had friends and family there. Everyone was upset, going into panic mode. They wanted to do whatever they could to get me home as soon as possible. The prison was working quickly to get me out too. If that meant sending me to one of their centers, then that’s what would happen. Everyone who had been to a center, tried to reassure me they weren’t that bad. Obtaining an apartment quickly wasn’t easy either. Did they rent one for just me, would my older son rent it and I live with him? Where would we get this apartment, as there were several surrounding counties to consider. I had a possible job prospect upon leaving, but it wasn’t 100% set in stone. I shifted my focus on friends and family that I had. I didn’t really want to consider moving to Maryland with family/friends there because the process to do that is lengthy. Plus, it costs $125 with no guarantee. My mom suggested that we call my Great Aunt and my 2nd cousins. Bingo! I have always loved my mom’s side of the family. I’ve been close to them since I was little, after going to family reunions for years. These people were no strangers to me. My husband arranged everything with my one cousin after discussing things with his sister and their mom. I had a place to live. I turned in my revised paperwork and everything progressed from there. I was officially paroled and heading to my new temporary home. We had a lot to do in the next several weeks as I awaited my official release date. The road was going to be bumpy, but together we were going to make it.

Photo by Git Stephen Gitau from Pexels