Journey of Faith

Life on the outside

Adjusting to everyday life on the outside wasn’t a huge adjustment for me, but things were definitely different. It was strange for me to see people still walking around with mask on, since we all had to wear them as well as the staff. I also didn’t really take notice to places that closed as a result of covid since I didn’t return to where I was technically from. Everything where I now was, is new to me in some ways. This actually helped and I believe the Lord knew this was needed for all of us. It was nice to be able to be in a new place, starting a new chapter without every turn being a reminder of the past. I had family in the area, friends and family close by in Maryland, as well as family that still lived in the county where I was exiled from that lived close to the border of where I’m currently living. There is an exception to a few folks that mean a lot to us that live in the area where our home was. We had to make a decision on where we wanted to buy a new home. The housing market has been very tough, and the interest rates didn’t make it any more appealing. The realtor that we were working with, had been our realtor through the sale of a prior home we sold when this all started. She also helped my husband purchase the house we were now having to sell again if there were any hopes of us living together soon. We had no real focus on what we HAD to buy as our next home. We knew what we didn’t want but were considering all options. There were a few that we almost pulled the trigger to buy and then after giving it to the Lord, we knew it wasn’t the right one. We even talked about the possibility of moving out of state to be with my parents and sister/brother-in-law. That was a short conversation because there was too much involved right now in all of that, as well as others to consider. Being a Seer and having empath abilities, it also helps with the process of finding the right home. Luckily, I never got the feeling that anything evil was lurking around like I have in past homes we looked at. After several showings of homes that just weren’t for us, we finally find the cutest gem that we now call home. It’s all one level, with a basement for my younger son that he wanted as his own. It’s in a great location and everything was move in ready. It even had a room that I now officially call my home office. We’ve changed a lot since all of this has happened. We’ve changed how we allow others into our lives and our home. We also have security on the entire property that alerts us to anything or anyone that doesn’t belong. It doesn’t hurt having 2 Rottweilers that will bark even if a cat crosses the yard. (Poor Kitty, I think it had a small heart attack the other day). We even have a mischievous squirrel that’s come stopped by a few times. We know it’s the same one because his markings are different. He decided yesterday to run around the outside deck area and knocked down a wooden fish that my husband put under the outside kitchen area. Broke it! Who would have thought that would happen? I thought at first about starting to put nuts outside for him, but after that escapade I’m not sure I want him to be returning on a constant basis. I don’t leave the house much to be honest. I work all day, by the time I cook dinner and clean up, I’m tired. I just want to relax, or I have classes that I need to study. I’ve also started hosting a bi-weekly Bible study online. My twin nieces have joined us and that warms my heart tremendously. My younger son tells me that he’ll join us this next time. I’m praying that is true. I love sharing my knowledge of the Bible with others and most of all, I like seeing others expanding their knowledge as well. I mean, you don’t want to get to Heaven and run into someone and not know who they are!

Home Sweet Home Welcome Mat On Wood Floor.