Journey of Faith

Ray of light


I picked up these prayer cards at Dollar Tree several weeks back. I was excited when I found them, but unsure what exactly I would do with them. I figured for a dollar; I’d figure something out. I put them away because of moving and sort of forgot about them. Yesterday, I was looking for something in my office and there they were. The Lord has a way of doing things like that, showing you things when you need to see them. As I shuffled through the cards, the one with Matthew 5:14 jumped out at me immediately. That’s when I knew the Lord was putting it on my heart to share with you. My great uncle loved lighthouses. Some may not know that many times people will use a lighthouse when referring to verses in the Bible. My great uncle loved the Lord. I grew my love for the Lord from both sides of my family. When my uncle passed away several years ago, A lot of people attended his funeral. I was surprised how many got up to share stories about how he affected their lives one way or another. The repeating theme was that he loved talking about the Lord, and that he would share that love with you any chance he got. He wanted to know if you were saved, if you loved the Lord like he did. If you didn’t, he wanted to try to change that. My great grandparents were the same way from things my mom told me about them. I knew them both but didn’t get to understand them on a deeper level because I was 7 when my great grandma passed away and 16 when my great grandpa died. The reason that this verse struck me was because not only did he have a love for lighthouses, but he was the light that stood at the top of the hill leading lost souls to the Lord that he loved so much. That’s the purpose of a lighthouse, to help guide lost ships. His light shined so bright that admittingly, his friends and coworkers couldn’t ignore it. It was almost infectious. Perhaps that is why my great grandma named him Ray. His name wasn’t Raymond, but Ray. I felt that even 9+ years after my uncle’s passing, that he would still want us to share his Ray of hope, his Ray of sunshine, and ask each of us to be the Ray of light of the world. A town built on a hill that cannot be hidden.