Journey of Faith

The Party Mom

I hope that you are starting to create a visual image in your mind as to what was going on up until this time in April. According to the opening arguments of the DA, he wants you to believe that I was the ultimate party mom! If any of you know me, this is laughable. I remember back to a time when I was young and carefree. My uncle used to DJ at a local bar where I would go and dance on most weekends. I would go in, order a pitcher of beer because it was fairly cheap. People started commenting on why I even bothered to order it because it would sit on the table and get warm. I just never really drank it. I was still like that later; it just didn’t appeal to me. He also would want you to believe that we were sitting on the sofa, allowing these teens to walk in carrying cases of beer right past us. Can you imagine? They come walking in and just wave at us, “What’s up?” That just even sounds ridiculous. The problem again was that evidence we had tried to present was dismissed as rubbish. He didn’t want to allow us to explain that they were sneaking it in because when you aren’t allowed to do something that’s what you do. You sneak. You don’t hide it in window wells to sneak in later, or hide in backpacks to sneak in. If it’s allowed, you walk right past us waving with it thrown over your shoulder. That wasn’t happening and even every single one of them testified to that effect. That much I can say. Also, during this time one of the other boys ended up being involved in a separate incident of underage drinking. I have a copy of where it appeared on the magistrate’s docket. They were overheard talking about it during lunch one day and how this other mom provided the alcohol. Of course, they didn’t implicate her and somehow, she avoided any charges. This was on a recording that was obtained by someone sitting close by and given to me. I turned it over to the lawyer and a few other people listened to it because I was having a hard time deciphering what was being said. I don’t have a copy of the recording anymore, but it was turned over to the lawyer’s office. No one cared. Magically, a few weeks later the charges for this one teen disappeared. Like they never existed. He was one of the main one’s again testifying against me. One of the charges that was brought against me was “corruption of minors”. These minors were corrupt long before and after I ever met them, and if you ask anyone involved that knows me will tell you that they corrupted my son and almost destroyed by younger son emotionally. The lawyer tried to bring up how the charges for DG and CH disappeared and an objection was thrown out immediately. I think the majority of my trial was discussed sidebar. Something else that was brought up and just ticked me off was one of the mothers who we felt we were fairly close to got on the stand to explain how she came to our house once. She decided to talk about a 5-gallon jug of wine that was sitting on the counter. This mom and most people who were our friends, knew that at the time I was experimenting with making wine. Anyone who would ask, I would explain the process to them. This was not drinkable wine at this point and if you tried you would probably get sick or at least feel ill. Wine making is a process where you have to let it go through stages of settling and fermenting even before you can bottle it. This 5-gallon jug she was talking about was in the process of allowing sediment to fall so that it would become clear. There was one occasion when I was trying to lift this monstrosity on the counter when a friend of my sons (not involved in the case) asked if he could help me. When we lifted it, some splashed out and got on his shirt. I immediately called his mom and explained to her what happened. Her and I are still friendly to this day, she knew I was trying to be responsible by telling her. It was asked several times if when the guys came over if I would take their keys from them? No, I didn’t. I didn’t because they weren’t drinking to my knowledge. Remember, they were sneaking things in backpacks and into cellar windows because that’s what you do when you’re allowed apparently. (I’m being sarcastic). We later found out through a family member that during a family get together they had; they were informed that the one boy SH was purchasing alcohol with a fake ID. He was going to an establishment close to his house across in another county. We found out that kids from the school knew that if you went there with a certain amount of money that it was a signal to whoever was working to not ask for ID. I heard that from a few kids that knew he purchased there. This individual, SH was one time coming out of the beer place and was caught by a relative. The relative told his parents and nothing was really done. There was mention that they decided to put a tracker on his phone because they shared phone accounts. I asked several times about this phone tracker as well as the person that told me about it and it was ignored. I wanted them to subpoena records to see where they were that day and if they had stopped off after they left our home this one day. (I’ll get to that later). If you trust your kids, why do you put a tracker on them? If your family caught him, why wasn’t something done then to the stop the beer store from selling to minors? Why wasn’t something done to stop him then? We were told that he had stashes of booze hidden throughout the fields and different spots near his house. DG told us this when we were all still talking. Another reason we wanted to see gps and where they might have gone. We had kids telling our son that they used to ride to school with this boy to school and stopped because he’d drink on the way to school and on the way home sometimes. He would drive while playing on his phone, texting, snapchatting, drive with his knee. The parents all testified that they didn’t allow this and didn’t know it was happening. They lied under oath and lied to an officer, an officer of the court and a judge. We wanted to call people as witnesses to then cross examine these statements, my lawyer told me that we had to be careful to not appear too harsh with the families to the jury because it could backfire on us. WELL, WHAT ABOUT DEFENDING ME? Yes, it is all about me in this instance because it’s my freedom that was on the line. I saw a lady on twitter poking fun because it was all about me. I wonder what her feelings would be if she actually knew the other side? Unfortunately, most will never know. I mean does it matter at this point? I was convicted, I served 3.5 years. Time I will never get back. If only I had known some of these things before, maybe I could have prevented what happened in the next two months ahead.

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