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Any decision that we make: right, wrong or indifferent affects our lives. What we don’t consider is how those decisions affect others as well. Even the young guys involved in all of this mess were fully aware of this too. They were preached this ideal from the Football coach with his F.A.M.I.L.Y. mantra. (Remember, I brought that up before?) These boys knew right from wrong; they knew what they were and weren’t allowed to do. I also, thoroughly believe that they planned out this entire day knowing fully well what their intent was going to be before they ever came over the night before. When I was going through my discovery packet and disks that our lawyer sent us, it was clear that those parents were told the exact same thing that these boys told me son. All of the parents wrote in the testimonies, and it’s on other reports (I’ll discuss later) that these boys were going to or attending football practice earlier that day. There are text messages from the SH’s mom to him asking him about shirts and clothing she was buying for him to take along to attend the camp where he was being scouted from. The morning of June 16, 2015, she texted him to see if he was awake. She told him that, “he better not be late for practice, because if the coach calls his dad, his dad will be upset”. He replied that he was getting up and heading to practice. (He lied, he never got up and went to ANY football practice). Later that day, she asked him how practice went, and he proceeded to tell her that, “the coach had them running up and down hills and he was exhausted”. (He really piled it on). He then asked if it was ok if he went back to our house to swim with our son. (Which he never left our house, and our son wasn’t home). Instead, they took it upon themselves to stay. They stayed and never left for any football practice. They did however leave. The left our house not once, but about 4 times to go to a convenience store. Here’s my question right off the bat? If I gave them permission to stay overnight and was told they were leaving by 8 am to go to work/football, once they left didn’t that permission end? Who gave them permission to levee and keep returning? We didn’t! Someone tried to tell us that our younger son who was home at the time gave them permission. I’m not buying that either. I think they bullied him to keeping quiet and I’ll tell you why later. Sometime around 11am, they decided that it was going to be a good idea to start drinking. They then videotaped themselves on snapchat doing so and posted it. I didn’t know this until we received the discovery info. SH is seen taking a shot of something quoting the tv show Jackass. My younger son was told they were pretending and drinking water. NA apparently was very upset about his grandfather passing away recently before all of this. He grabbed a bottle of rum that we bought on the cruise we just came home from. It was still sitting on the counter to be put away. Remember, we just got home 2 days prior? We had it sitting there because some of the bottles were going to be gifts. He took a bottle and drink pretty much the entire thing from what we were told. He then passed out in my son’s bed. NONE of those boys thought about calling us, their parents, NO ONE! I believe that once NA became intoxicated that they decided to hang out and wait for him to sleep it off. This is when they decided to take several trips to the convenance store for food, tobacco, etc. As the day wore on and NA still wasn’t awake, I think they came up with a plan. They knew that they had to get out of our house before we got home. There was a time when my youngest son heard me talking about all of this to my mom weeks later. He asked me why I told his Mamaw that NA was drunk. I asked what he meant. He told me that the boys all told him that NA was sick from eating bad meat from the convenience store. (This is how they were going to hide it so my son wouldn’t say anything to us or if he did this was what he’d say). As the clock ticked, they had to call someone to get NA out of there. He wasn’t waking up, so they called his sister CA to come get him. When she arrived and couldn’t wake him up, she did the right thing and called her father. During all of this, CH, SH took my younger son AGAIN to the store to get him out of there. I also believe that they took this little trip to throw away any trash that was laying around. (There wasn’t any when we got home). This day in particular, my husband and I didn’t work a full day. Otherwise, we’d have not gotten home until 5:30 or later for my husband. Instead, we both left work early this day because we had another appointment at 3pm. When the appointment was over, we followed each other home. We stopped at the end of the driveway to get mail and my husband asked me whose car was in the driveway. I had no idea. We walked in to find NM sitting at our kitchen table. He looked like the cat that swallowed the canary! My exact words to him were, “why the hell are you here in my house?” He stammered around and I heard noises coming from my son’s room. I saw a girl peak her head out and of course I think someone is in there having sex. By this time NA’s dad walks in not even 2 minutes behind us. I apologize to him, explaining that we just walked in and weren’t sure what was going on. I told him that we worked all day and came home to “THIS”. He actually started explaining to us how his daughter called him that NA his son drank alcohol and passed out. The guys used NA’s fingerprint to open his phone to call his sister. I believe that they were all hoping that NA would be gone before we got home, they could leave, and we’d never know they were there. They didn’t take into account that they wouldn’t be able to wake him up and have to call his dad. I tried to call 911 three times and was asked not to by NA’s dad. See NA was up for different football awards, scholarships, etc. This would not look so good on him if his name was associated with drinking. I then insisted that we force NA to sit up and start drinking water. Once we did this he started vomiting and coming around. During this time, it was only NM, CA, NA and his dad and my husband and I in the house. NA’s dad was questioning NM ALOT about the happened that day and how his son ended up like this. We were told that NM grabbed the bottle and guzzled it. NM at the time was over 6′ tall and close to 280 or more. I’m leaning too more. NM said, who was going to stop him. He was bigger than all of them. I asked why they didn’t call someone or their parents? He had no answers. I was asking where my son was and was told he went to the store w/ CH and SH. Right on que the three walked in. SH had the guiltiest look on his face. He was shocked to see that we were there, and that NA’s dad was there too. We again asked them what happened and received the same story. NA’s dad then told NM, SH and CH that, “you clowns are going to help me take my son to my car and help me take him into our house”. My husband looked at me and said, “this has got to stop”. Referring back to the conversation we had on the cruise about not allowing people over anymore. These boys then proceeded to help lift NA out of the bed and had carried him from the bedroom, down our long driveway to the dad’s car. Can drunk people carry someone that heavy?

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