Mentor Program

Recently paroled from a state department of corrections, I was sentenced to 3.5-8 years, and currently on parole supervision. When I was first faced with the reality that I was going to prison, it scared me to death. Most of those fears were the fear of the unknown.
When I was originally sentenced, I spent 6 months in county before being released while I awaited my appeal. I met an amazing group of ladies during this time that helped prepare me for what would lie ahead if/when I would go to the state DOC. As an inmate that spent time in a state correctional facility, I saw the challenges, questions, concerns that not only faced the inmate but also their family and friends. If there is one thing that I can do to prepare others for what to expect, I’ll have made their time less scary. Believe me, it’s scary!
I’m a Christian and couldn’t have gotten through without my faith. I also couldn’t have gotten through without a solid support system. Many people facing incarceration won’t have any of these things. I decided to become a mentor to those not only facing incarceration, but also aid their families with resources to assist them during their time. Perhaps they no longer have family or friends willing/able to help them, I am seeking other mentors to join me in assisting in any way possible so that they know they are not alone.
I am asking for your help! I’m asking if you would consider recommending me as a
Pre-incarceration Mentor to your clients who are facing time either in county or upstate. I can meet with them via video or possibly in person for a fee starting at $50/hour.
I know how important your time is, and I want to thank you for considering my proposal. I am also, able to forward a copy of my resume for additional reference.