Fun and Just Because

Learning doesn’t stop just because you graduated!

I’ve been on a constant learner my entire life. First of all, I’ve always enjoyed learning. When I graduated High School, I immediately started working at Continental Insurance Co. In 1989, they were one of the largest Insurance companies around. I would have never imagined at the time, they would someday go out of business. When I started this first “official” job, I was hired as a BTSF (Business Team Support Function). In today’s terms that role is now an Underwriting Assistant. Underwriting Assistant sounds much more fancy. I must digress and say that as time went on, those of us who were “BTSF’s” decided to come up with our own acronyms what those initials stood for. (Bitches on the Second Floor, as that’s were we sat and Bullshit Secretaries that did typing & filing). So, yes we had some fun as well as worked hard. I did take my job seriously and knew immediately I wanted to become and underwriter someday. Through the years, I asked as many questions as I could, I became friends with senior staff, and took as many classes and seminars as I could. In the next several years and many position changes later, I eventually did become an Underwriter at two very well known Insurance Companies. I loved my job and loved learning even more. My career taught me management skills, time management, organizational skills, dealing with high level reports, due diligence and made me an overall rounded person. I still have these contacts to this day and many I consider friends. Being a constant learner, I embraced a change in my life that required me to find another career. I’m now well on my way to becoming Google Certified, learning all about the digital marketing world and putting all that prior knowledge and skills to use as I embark on this new chapter. I encourage you to be a life long learner….


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