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Where was the Garden if Eden?

Phew, it’s been a few crazy busy days. It’s also given me a chance to think about my next blog. Over the last several years a lot of attention has been placed in the Middle East, a lot of people only think of Jerusalem when referring to the Bible. I wanted to talk about areas mentioned that are now known under other names.

This one area is The Garden of Eden. I love the History Channel and other shows that just teach us so much. “Always learning”. Sometimes you can catch programs where they’ll discuss the Bible or locations mentioned in the Bible. I remembered one I saw years ago on Eden.

The location of Eden is described in the Book of Genesis as the source of four tributaries. Some Scholars feel it’s a place of myth. Those who consider it to be real believe it was located in the Persian Gulf in Mesopotamia now known as Iraq. Specifically where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers connect.

There’s also reason to believe it’s not there, The Bible states 4 rivers and the location in Iraq would only be 2. Also one of the four rivers mentioned named Gihon (Genesis 2:13) says this river runs down into Ethiopia. Ummm that’s about 1,000 miles away from Iraq.

Regardless, any remains of Eden would have been wiped out by Noah’s Flood. Something comical I found on yahoo answers, “Is the Garden of Eden in Wisconsin? A funny bit of history……..

“In 1886 the Rev. D.O. Van Slyke published a small pamphlet that expounded his belief that Eden was the area stretching from the Allegheny Mountains to the Rocky Mountains and that the Garden of Eden was located on the east bank of the Mississippi River between La Crosse, Wisconsin, and Winona, Minnesota. When the Deluge began, Noah was living in present-day Wisconsin, and the flood carried his ark eastward until it landed on Mt. Ararat.”

Gotta love a good theory! Guess we won’t find out until we can ask for ourselves 🥰


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